Navigating Horizons in STEM Teams Site

If you use Teams in your institution, you may be familiar with following a calendar link to join Teams meetings. This will NOT work for the Horizons in STEM Conference, so please follow these instructions instead.

1.   Open Microsoft Teams

Access Microsoft Teams by clicking on the link in your confirmation email, or go to On the day you can also use this direct link.

You can either download and install the Teams application (recommended), or just open Teams in your browser by choosing the appropriate option. If you do not already have a Microsoft account associated with the email address you provided to register for the conference, you will be asked to create one. Follow the on-screen instructions to do so.

2.   Finding Your Way Around

Once you have accessed Teams, you should have a screen that looks like this. The screenshots below are from Teams running in a browser. The layout of Teams for you may be a little different depending on your device and whether you are instead using the Teams app.

On the left-hand side is a list of “Channels” which you use to access different parts of the conference.

Go to the “Main Room” channel for the Welcome and Plenary Lectures.

Go to the “Day 1/2 …” channels for the parallel sessions in the corresponding timeslots.

Go to the “Help Desk” channel if you have a question or technical issue. Ask your question by typing it in the “Start a new conversation” box at the bottom of the page.

3.   Joining a session

Each session will run in a Teams “Meeting” within the relevant channel. To join the session, go to the corresponding channel, find the meeting you’d like to join and click on “Join” when it is due to begin.

  • If you are a “Guest” member of the Team (external to University of Nottingham) then you will be unable to join the meeting until it is instantiated by one of the organisers. All meetings should be instantiated a few minutes before the start time, so please be patient!
  • If you have trouble accessing a session, then please go to the Help Desk and request assistance.

Main Room

To access the welcome and plenary lectures, please join the meeting in the main room. The same meeting will be used for all talks at the times indicated in the schedule.


Parallel Sessions

Access the parallel sessions by going to the relevant channel, then join one of the streams by clicking “Join” on the corresponding meeting.

You may move between meetings during a parallel session by clicking  to leave the current meeting, then join another meeting from the parallel session’s channel.

4.    Etiquette

Please refer to the Code of Conduct for rules and advice on how to participate in Teams sessions responsibly and effectively.

5.    Links

Conference Programme

Abstract Booklet

6.   Hidden Channels

When you first access the Team, one or more channels may be “Hidden”, as in the screenshot below.

Access the hidden channels by clicking the link at the bottom, then selecting your desired channel.

To unhide channel, hover your mouse over it, then click “Show”.

7. Displaying live captions

You can display live captions within a Teams meeting by selecting “More options” (the three dots) in the Teams meeting controls, and then selecting “Turn on live captions”.


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